Our Story

The Founding Story: How It All Began

In the year 2021, a story of transformation began with the birth of Virtual Key FZE. This unique chapter was penned by a passionate HR enthusiast, who had immersed herself in the HR industry for over15 years.

As the world grappled with the challenges brought on by the pandemic, it served as a turning point. The founder realized the urgent need to channel her years of accumulated knowledge and expertise to support growing businesses. The key was not just in finding the right people but also in cultivating the right culture. With this revelation, a mission was born — to empower businesses to thrive.

Since those humble beginnings, Virtual Key FZE has embarked on a journey of service and growth, supporting and empowering nearly 50 clients along the way. Our story is not one of looking back; it's a narrative of progress and forward momentum.

Fueled by our unwavering passion for HR excellence, we remain steadfast in our commitment to helping businesses unleash their full potential. The journey is an ongoing one, filled with stories of client success, dedication, and a shared vision of a thriving future. Join on this exciting and transformative adventure!

Work Process

How We Work

We've designed a meticulous and client-centric working process to ensure that every client requirement is handled with precision and care. Our process seamlessly guides you from the initial engagement through the implementation of tailored HR solutions, fostering open communication, flexibility, and a commitment to your success at every step.


Initiate Client Discussion & Need Assessment

We begin by initiating client discussions and conducting thorough need assessments.


Tailored Proposal

We craft tailored proposals designed specifically to meet your unique requirements.


Client Onboarding

Seamless client onboarding ensures a smooth transition into our collaborative process.


Internal Team Planning & Execution

Internal team planning and meticulous execution drive the implementation of the customized solutions.


Delivery of the service

We deliver our services with precision and care, meeting your expectations every step of the way.


Client Feedback & Improvement

Client feedback drives continuous improvement, ensuring we exceed your expectations and adapt to your evolving needs.


What our clients say

Amruta'sguidance and expertise were instrumental in shaping my career path andultimately landing my dream job. Her commitment to excellence and willingnessto go the extra mile were truly remarkable. Amruta's insights and support madea significant difference, and I am immensely grateful for her mentorship. Iwholeheartedly recommend Amruta for her exceptional HR skills.

Jigyasa Jha
Job seeker

I had the pleasure of working with Amruta, whose guidance and supportwere instrumental in securing my position as a Full stack Developer. Amrutas’commitment to fostering professional growth and connecting individuals withopportunities is truly commendable. Her strategic approach and dedication tobuilding meaningful networks make her an invaluable resource in theprofessional landscape. I highly recommend Amrita for her leadership andexpertise in creating pathways for career success.

Shital Phand
Job seeker

It's with great pleasure that I recommend Virtual Key for theiroutstanding work. They were truly instrumental in helping our company find astellar candidate.
They demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our company's needs, quickly grasping the specifics of the role we were looking to fill. Their ability to identify and engage top-tier talent was impressive, resulting in the recruitment of an individual whose skills and experience perfectly matched our requirements.

Jeny George
HR & Admin Officer at Trusity
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